Terms and conditions for order/purchase of Renault vehicle

1. The Dealer has a right to accept the booking from customer based on the Renault India policy prevailing at that time.

2. All Booking amount shall be made in favour Of Renault India's authorised Dealer. The Booking amount will vary model to model and description of Renault India.

3. Booking amount paid by the customer shall not carry any interest irrespective of the duration of waiting period.

4. Renault India and its Dealers have right to cancel the booking at any time without any reason and will intimate the same to the customer.

5. The Prices, Taxes and any other Government levies prevailing at time of invoicing will be applicable for both vehicles and accessories.

6. In case of auto loan opted by the customer the car will be allotted after approval by the financier in case of Sales through Finance company, Direct Selling Agency/Direct Marketing Agent, Delivery will be made only on the receipt of relevant documents and payment from finance company.

7. In case the customer doesn't fulfil the balance payment commitment agreed upon with in the time frame, the Dealer has the right to cancel the allocation of the vehicle without prior intimation or notice.

8. The Delivery of cars to customers after the receipt of full vehicle price and other charges are subjected to availability of Model, Variant and Colour.

9. The Dealer reserves the right to change the tentative vehicle delivery date without incurring any liability towards the Customer. The Dealer shall however on a best effort basis try to deliver the vehicle on the tentative delivery date..

10. All payments towards price of the vehicle and other charges to be made prior to the intimated tentative delivery date, failing which the order stands, cancelled after a grace period of three working days.

11. Home Delivery Charges amounting to INR 1000/- shall be levied apart from fuel expense The delivery of the vehicle shall be given at the showroom of Dealer unless otherwise stated thereon. If a vehicle is dispatched to any other place at the request of the customer, it will be at customer's risk & cost in every respect and the Dealer shall not insure, unless asked by the customer to do so on. In case the delivery of the vehicle is delayed, the vehicle will be stored and driven at the customer's risk and cost.

12. The car will be registered in the name mentioned in the Sales Contract. In case of any changes in sales contract with regard to the vehicle Model/Colour/RTO will be done through written communication from Customer and New Sales Contract. The priority will be effective from date of New Sa les Contract.

13. Registration of the vehicle shall be done as per the guidelines and rules provided under Motor Vehicles Act.

14. Vehicles once sold and registered shall not be taken back or exchanged under any circumstances.

15. It is understood that this is the contract between the Dealer and Customer, and the Manufacturer of the vehicle or company selling the vehicle to the Dealer is nota party to the same.

16. In case of any disputes, the same will be subject to jurisdiction of Kochi courts only.

17. Delivery date indicated is tentative only and is subject to "force majeure" conditions. The term "force majeure", means any circumstances which are unusual unforeseeable are beyond the control of Renault India or DEALER concerned, the consequence of which could not have been avoided even if all due care have been exercised, including but not limited to acts of god, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, hostilities, political unrest, government action, industrial dispute, natural or other disaster, nuclear incident, terrorist activity, sabotage, blockage, embargo, weather conditions, transport strike, fire, flood, typhoon, tempest, drought, short supply Of labour, fuel, raw material, or manufactured produce or otherwise preventing or hindering the manufacture or delivery of the car and all similar events beyond the control of Renault India or DEALER concerned.

18. The customer shall make a written request to the Dealer with whom the booking was made for cancellation Of the booking along with the Original Customer copy of the Booking Form and Cash Receipt.

19. Booking cancellation charges@ Rs.1OOO/- per car will be applicable and no interest will be paid in such cases. The booking refund will be processed in 10 working days via cheque/online bank transfer post receipt Of a refund application form along with the required documents.